Many people take pictures on their phone, just because it is always at hand, and one does not need to take a camera on purpose. However, you want to capture various sights and interesting moments of your life, so, you want each photo to be beautiful. To do this, a mirror chamber is best suited, but it is not cheap, it weighs much and takes much space.

For these and other reasons, people continue to photograph on a smartphone, but   photos are not always good. What can be done to improve the quality of pictures to provide colorful and interesting photos from your phone?

Do not overwhelm the horizon

The horizon line must be flat, if it is present in the frame. It is enough to turn on a special mode that can be present both in the smartphone and in the camera. It consists either in the display of the digital level, or in the display of a grid of nine rectangles. With these auxiliary tools, you can notice in time that the horizon line is oblique.

If the detailing is not very important for you, then you can frame the picture in any graphic editor. So, you can easily correct the horizon line.

Background should not spoil the picture

The background should not cause disgust. The body of a person and his\her head should clearly stand out against all the other elements of the picture.

If we talk about portrait shooting, then a blurred background would be ideal. But not every smartphone allows you to achieve this effect. To blur the background, you need to open the aperture harder – for example, to f/2.0. Devices with dual cameras can also blur the background.

Do not use digital zoom

Abandon digital zoom. Recently, more and more devices are endowed with a double camera. Some of them have lenses of different focal lengths. If you have such a device, then an optical zoom is available to you. It can be used without fear.

Flash is not always required

Only if it is dark around, you will have to take pictures on your smartphone with a flash. Shoot in natural light conditions, so as not to emphasize secondary details and uneven lighting.

Don`t forget about HDR, especially in high contrast conditions.

In this mode, the smartphone makes two frames with different exposures. Then they are mixed in one shot, automatics eliminates too dark and very bright areas. If you do not overdo it with the difference in exposure, then you can get a very beautiful photo, which has no indistinguishable objects.

Adjust exposure

Exposure is the overall brightness of the image. If the phone wants to make a too dark or very light photo, then you have two ways:

Try aiming at something else to get a normal picture. After that, hold your finger on the screen. This will block the exposure – now it will not change until the moment of taking foto. You can convert mkv to mp4 to make a slideshow with your favourite music and foto.

Try manual adjusting of the exposure.

Apply continuous shooting

It should be used for photographing dynamic scenes. In serial mode, you just do not miss the most beautiful or funny moment!

Remember the panorama

Try using the Panorama mode. In it, the device automatically creates multiple images, combining them into one wide image. In particular, this is how 180- and even 360-degree panoramas are obtained.

Remember the physical buttons

This is either a special button, or instead of it, the volume control buttons perform the same function.

Use the timer to take a selfie

In this case, at the moment of taking a picture, the device will not move. And everything will be fine with clarity, if you use a separate Bluetooth button (it should not be on a monopod). 

Rule 2/3

There is a special item in “Settings”, after activating which a 3×3 grid appears on the screen. It will help not only to align the horizon. With its help, you can make the picture more creative. The point is that the person’s gaze most often falls at the intersection of these lines. Consequently, it is in these places, where the most important objects should be located.

 Use filters wisely

In many cases, the filters do not decorate a picture, but only hide some important details. If you want your pictures to attract attention – try to apply filters in the rarest cases.


If you have carefully read this article, get ready to forget considering, which phone is better for photographs. Now you understand that, first of all, the beauty of every image depends on a photographer. If you follow all tips above, good shots will be obtained even with an 8-megapixel camera.

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