Photos and pictures differ from each other not only in content, but also in other “computer” characteristics. For example, in size or measure.

It happens that there are two identical patterns, but one has measure that is three times larger than the other.

Photo images also differ in quality. I think, you have repeatedly met photos of extremely poor quality. This is ill-disguised. For example, two identical photos, but one is of the best quality and the other is of the worst.

And it happens that the picture does not seem to have enough colors. Here is an example.

And the foto image for file type is responsible for all this. In fact, images come in a variety of formats. You can convert png to pdf by following the link. And they are numerous. We will not consider them all, but let`s discuss the most common ones. These are formats such as bmp, gif, jpg, png, tiff. They differ from each other, first of all, in quality. And the quality is different in quantity (saturation) of colors.

For example, you paint a picture using different colors. And then suddenly some of them ended, and you have to finish painting with what you have. Of course, you will try to do everything possible so that it doesn’t have a strong impact on the result, but still the picture will not turn out the way you would like – more faded, blurred. The same thing happens with image formats. One of them leaves all the colors, the other cuts a part of them. And, sometimes, because of this, an image deteriorates. This is a pretty rough example. In fact, everything is somewhat more complicated there, but I think, you have caught the main idea.

Common Photo Image Formats

BMP is a format of drawings made in the program Paint. It can be used to store drawn pictures on the computer. However, on the Internet, this type of files is not used, because of a large volume. So, if you want to post a picture drawn in Paint, in a blog or in a social network, it must be of a different type – gif, jpg or png.

GIF is a popular image format on the Internet. Images can be saved in it without loss of quality, but with a limited number of colors – 256. Gif received special popularity due to the fact that it is possible to create small animated (moving) pictures.

JPG is a format of photos and pictures with a large number of colors. It is possible to save an image in it both without loss of quality or with loss.

PNG is a modern drawing format. This type of image is small and without loss of quality. It is very comfortable: a file is small and its quality is good. And it maintains transparency.

TIFF suggests images of very good quality, without compression. Accordingly, the size of such files is huge. TIFF is used, when quality is important. For example, while creating business cards, booklets, magazine covers.

What photo image format to choose?

  • Select BMP, if this is a drawing made in Paint, and you are going to keep it only on your computer.
  • Choose GIF, if the animation or drawing with a small number of colors for publication on the Internet.
  • PNG is perfect, if this is a drawing, in which there are many colors or there are some transparent parts.
  • Jpg (jpeg) is better, if it is just a photo.
  • TIFF is ideal for image for printing (business cards, booklets, posters, etc.).

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